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"Action Trackchair for Arianna"

Action Trackchair for Arianna

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Meet Arianna Evans, born February 23, 1994, with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.  Her first surgery was a couple days after birth, to close the opening in her spine.  Then about three weeks later, another surgery to place a shunt, and many more after that until she was about six years old.  Surgeries throughout the years on her eyes, leg bones, and bladder.  In elementary school she was able to walk using braces that went from her chest to the bottom of her feet, along with a walker.  When she went into High School, her little body could not walk any longer.  In 2006, she was diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure, and it was determined to be the bladder, resulting in more surgeries, and waiting on a kidney.  About 2 years waiting, they got the call for a kidney, but due to a small surgeon error, the donor kidney was unusable and removed.  Many dialysis visits, and surgeries to place the pic line needed.  Then March 2014, she received a call for another kidney, and spent 36 days in the hospital while the doctors tweaked medicine.  She fought rejection and waited for the kidney to wake up, (It was out of the donor body for almost 24 hours and was a tad sleepy as the Dr. said).  On December 21, 2014, Arianna suffered a stroke on the right side of her brain, leading to left side weakness, and still continues to go into the Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh when she isn’t doing well.

Interesting Notes: When her Spina Bifida was discovered in the womb, they said she would never live through birth.  When she did live, they said she would never be much more than a vegetable.  Doctors told the family she would never walk using her walker and braces, and she did, just to prove them wrong.  When she was diagnosed with the renal failure, they said she wouldn’t make it six months.  When she had her transplant they didn’t think she would make it, her stroke, her second kidney transplant, all the same thing, they thought she wouldn’t make it.  Also, she was on the transplant list for 7 years, she was number 7 on the list, and the little girl, whose family made the ultimate, hardest decision ever, was 7 years old when she died.

As you can see, Arianna has been through so much, and is a very determined and a smiling young 23 year old girl who loves life, and loves hunting and fishing, and was a recipient of Hunt of a Lifetime.  She deserves to have the use of an Action Trackchair, so she can get some enjoyment in life with her family and friends going on Hunting and Fishing trips, without her dad carrying her around.  We, are dedicating our time and efforts to start this campaign to buy Action Trackchairs for Hunt of a Lifetime, and designate them to children like Arianna to use, that really need them.  The families of these children go thru so much, and these chairs will relieve the family of some of the stress and effort it takes to get the children into the woods and outdoors so they can have a little fun.  Also, the purchase of every Action Trackchair of $15,000 goes to injured Veterans, so it is a very worthy cause all around.  If you have any questions, please call us at (814) 664-9019.  Your Donation is Greatly Appreciated!  100% of ALL Funds Raised is Used for the Purchase of the Action Trackchairs.  (Download a Copy)

Action Trackchair

Hunt of a Lifetime-Action Trackchair
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Hunt of a Lifetime with Bill and Arianna

Hunt of a Lifetime with Bill and Arianna

Action Trackchair

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