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Rules & Regulations

Please read all information provided, some rules and regulations have changed.  Our goal is to have a good time, but keep it safe for drivers and spectators.  If rules aren’t followed, you will be disqualified.  Cars found to be illegal will not receive entry fee back.

Friday, Sept. 1st - Free Admission to Public, (Campers Must Pay Admission): 12pm-6:30pm - See displays by several vendors, both food and products. Mega Trucks and 1 Ton Trucks will be on display at various locations on Route 6, in Corry and Columbus, from 2-6pm.
Vehicle Pre-registration from 12pm to 7pm, see Race Specs. for Stock Car Racing.
ONLINE ONLY:  $5 Discount Per Person for Weekend Pass.  Must Have Voucher and ID, In Order to Exchange for Wristbands!
Saturday, Sept 2nd - Gates open at 10:00am, event starts at 12 Noon.  You must be registered by 11:30am, ready to race at 11:45am for 8/10 mile Road Course (No Jumps).
Registration Fee for Saturday:  $55 per car, additional car $40 w/same driver (gate fee included for driver, and does not need pit pass, must also wear age definition wristband).
Saturday, Sept. 2nd - Gates open at 10am, Event starts at 12 Noon Admission Prices: Adults, (ages 21+): $15, Children (ages 6-20): $10 (5 and under Free) Pit Pass: $10 all weekend (+ daily gate fee) (Racer wristbands are acquired with their $55 registration and do not need a pit pass, (Also, daily race wristbands will be given to Mega’s, 1Tons, and ATV Racers per their registration, includes admission and pits).
• There will be a $10 all weekend pit pass wristband available to pit spectators (under 18 must be accompanied by an adult in the pits) (Note: people camping in pits must purchase and wear the pit/racer pass also).
3 lap Heats and 5 lap Features will be ran in all classes, 4, 6, or 8 cylinder depending on entrants. Features will have payouts to fifth place depending on entrants, and only 1st place trophies for features.
• No driver changes when event begins.
15 lap Enduro for last race, same driver must have run the heat to run the Enduro. Payouts will be: $1,000 first place, $200 second, & $100 third, $100 fourth, and $100 fifth. + trophies.
Sunday, Sept. 3rd - Gates open at 10am, show starts at 12 Noon – Admission Prices: Adults, (ages 21+): $20, Children (ages 6-20): $15 (5 and under Free) Pit Pass: $5 Sunday (+ daily gate fee).  New ATV/UTV races.  Hunt of a Lifetime Mud Run and 20 lap, Stock Car Shoot-out on 8/10 mile Road Course.  same Specs as Saturday, with a $45 reg. by 11:30am includes racers gate fee and pit pass, Race for $500-1st, $200-2nd, $100-3rd prize, ($200 HOAL) racing ends around 5:00pm.  Registered ATV's, will be allowed on track for ATV rodeo, after all other events & vehicles are off the track.
• Driver must be 18 years or older.
• Driver must supply one person to score (rule for lap counting with digital clock).
• Two wheel drive vehicles only.
• Engine must be stock with no alterations.
• Drivers are not allowed to consume alcohol or be under the influence of drugs while participating in the racing events.
• No alcohol or glass in the pits, campers be aware of this during races. Pit rules posted.
• All lights, moldings, plastics, etc. must be removed. All mirrors and windows and glass must be removed completely.
• Windshield must be removed, and a reinforced screen must be in place to protect the driver. Driver side window net is also required.
• Roll cage is mandatory (at least a 4 point cage required, use proper materials, think safety).
• All racers must have a 4-point-type racing approved seatbelt, 2 shoulder straps and lap belt mandatory and worn by driver at all times.  5-point racing harness is recommended.
• Driver must wear a full-faced DOT approved helmet, and proper eye protection.
• Driver must wear long sleeves, pants, gloves, and proper shoes (no nylon, Fire suit is recommended).
• Doors, Trunks, Hood and Bumpers should be chained or welded.
• Non-flammable padding should be installed in the driver side door frame.
• 12” Hole in center of Hood, or Hood pins for easy access of fire extinguisher (disassemble Hood latch, and install hood pins).
• Cars must have stock bumpers ONLY.  No alteration or reinforcement of frame or body except for driver side door (bracing should be, back of front fender to front of back fender).
• Gas tank may remain in original position, with no leaks, or strapped in the trunk with at least four one-inch steel straps (no bungee cords, rope, etc.).
• If installing fuel tank in the trunk, the rear seat and shelf area must be enclosed with steel or aluminum to form a safe firewall.
• Batteries may be moved to passenger side floor area, but must be securely fastened.
• Tires for passenger vehicles only.  No Studded, Racing, or Truck tires permitted.
• Driver must have fire extinguisher, and folding knife securely strapped for easy access.
• All cars must be numbered on both sides, and be at least 16” high, and clearly visible to officials, and on roof read from left side if possible (If duplicate numbers, an A, B, or C, will be assigned as needed).
• No profanity on cars.
• All cars must be removed after race day, or they will be crushed.

Any Mega or One Ton Trucks wanting to race or perform, talk to Scott Krznar or Ricky B. Wilson. ATV, UTV or ATV Rodeo questions, see Paul York or Dee Dipple.  Other questions, please call (814) 664-9019.
2017 – ATV, UTV, & Golf Cart Registration and Rules for 17th Annual Cornfield 500
• $5 Vehicle Weekend Pass is required for all these vehicles at the Cornfield 500, and can be purchased in the Camping Registration, but must also have purchased that daily event admission, and signed the waiver to ride.  The Registration Pass will entitle you to ride all weekend, which is September 2-4th, on the BHMS Property only.
• Please do not remove or destroy signs for ATV information, and do not ride onto neighbor’s property that is posted.  When riding in camping, parking, or by walking pedestrians, please keep speed at 5mph, and be cautious and courteous.  Public roads are illegal to ride, and if you do, it is at your own risk.
• The pass also entitles you to ride on the race track during designated Happy Hour Runs, ATV Rodeo, and after daily scheduled events only.  Do not ride on the jumps designated for Mega Trucks, MX, or Jeeps.  Do not ride on Rail Road Tracks, or neighbors posted property or fields.
• The pass also gets you into the ATV and 4 wheeler Rodeo Events to win prizes and trophies, and those times will be announced daily by ATV Staff after daily scheduled events.
• If you appear to be intoxicated or causing problems you will lose your Registration and not be able to ride that vehicle on the property any longer, and if you give security a hard time after a warning, you will be removed from the property.  Remember, there are lots of kids and people here.  BHMS Staff, and Security will be overseeing all ATV activities.

If you plan to race ATV’s or UTV’s, please see our ATV Race Rules posted below.  Please be safe, and ride at your own risk.

Rules for ATV’s & UTV’s:

• Must have read, understood and signed Waiver.
• Must wear a DOT approved helmet, eye protection and no open toed shoes (required on track).
• Keep Registration Pass on Vehicle at all times while at event.
• No Alcohol or Drug use while operating ATV for safety of yourself & others.
• No one under 16 operating vehicle, unless accompanied by legal guardian.
• No more than 1 person on vehicle while on race track or performing in Rodeo or races.
• Obey ATV rules posted, for speed limits, areas and times announced for ATV events.
• ATVs will only be allowed at the Track Wash Station for vehicle mud removal and only during designated Happy Hour or Rodeo or Race times.
• Ride at your own Risk, be cautious, and watch for others.
• No riding on Rail Road Tracks, Mega Truck, MX, Jeep Jumps , or neighbor’s property.
• Break any of these rules and your pass will be revoked. Give us a hard time, you will be removed from property.

H.O.A.L. Mud Run
Safety and Rules at the 2017 Cornfield 500
The Mud Run is going to be a 50/50 race that requires a $5 race fee that will be split with the Winner and the Hunt of a Lifetime (HOAL) to raise funding.  There is no set time, but it will be after the Mega Trucks perform in the front pits to stir up the mud, and will be announced several times before the start of the run so you can make it.  This will be a run at your own risk.  We will have one each day, on Saturday and Sunday if possible.
• No one under the age of 12 on adult run, a mini run for kids age 6-12 will be available if there are enough participants, at $2 fee, and that will be split with the winner, and HOAL also.
• Everyone participating must have signed the waiver, and will not hold the property owners liable for any accident that may occur.
• No bare feet, as there may be sharp objects in the mud. We strongly recommend tied shoes, as slip-ons will come off.
• Participants must not pull, kick, step on, or intentionally hurt another participant.
• If you feel injured or faint, please notify an official, and we have EMT’s available to examine you.
• The Property owners have the right to cancel or delay the run due to weather or situations beyond our control.
• No one is to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol that is a participant, for the safety of others.
This is a new event, so please have fun, be safe, and make suggestions.
2016 – Baker Hill Motor Sports LLC Property Rules and Regulations
During any events at Baker Hill Motor Sports LLC, you must abide by the following rules, or you will be asked to leave, or in some cases, the authorities could be contacted.  This is private property.
• NO Professional Photographers, unless approved by Owners.
• NO ATV or Golf Carts allowed unless registered for property (see ATV rules on website or posted at ATV registration).
• Purchase your daily admission wristbands & wear at all times.
• You must purchase admission to be allowed to camp.
• Understand and Sign the admission waiver to be on the property (everyone, including entrants, staff, performers, and security must sign the waiver).
• Absolutely NO Underage Drinking, or other illegal activities on the property. Note: If you are underage and you get caught consuming or transporting alcohol on the property, the State Police will be notified, and they will deal with the situation.
• NO Fighting – If you are too intoxicated and/or cause problems, you will be escorted off the property.
• NO Smoking in the barn.
• NO one is allowed in restricted or VIP areas without the VIP wristbands, or Security.
• NO one under 18 is allowed in the pits, unless accompanied by a legal adult.
• NO alcohol in the pits
• Please NO glass on property.
• Performers/Drivers are not allowed to be intoxicated while racing.
• NO outside food in spectator area, food vendors available.
• B.Y.O.B. is Okay on Property, except pits during racing.
• NO Pets allowed, unless restrained at your own campsite.
• NO bare feet. Shoes must be worn for your own safety.
• All Children under the age of 18 must return to their campsite or leave the property at 10pm, or directly after the fireworks Sunday.

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Fri Sept 1st - Free Admission!
Vehicle Pre-registration 12pm - 7pm
Live Music From Erie, PA "CareyOn"
Sat Sept 2nd - Gates Open 10am
Helicopter Rides on Sat & Sun
Sun Sept 3rd - Gates Open 10am
"Krysten Knievel's Daredevil Band"
Gibson Fireworks about 9:45pm
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